A collaboration between Stacy Nguyen and me. These are three sets of built-in bookcases. The very top shelves are spaced 12 inches from the top. The rest of the shelves are 11 inches. This is a fair bit smaller than what you usually see in bookcases. We opted for this so that we could pack in a lot more books. Also, we like the more compact look.

Though the bookcase are “built in,” in truth, you can easily detach certain pieces pull it all apart so that you can transfer it to another house/location, if you want. This is what we’re planning to do eventually.

Wood: Philippine mahogany (sides and shelfs), African mahogany (frame, crown, base, carvings)
Finish: Minwax wood stain. Minwax tinted polyurethane in “Bombay mahogany”

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